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theory of computation toc

Theory of Computation (TOC) Overview

THEORY OF COMPUTATION (TOC) Previous Next Introduction of Theory of Computation (TOC) Automata theory (also identified as Theory Of Computation) is a theoretical department of Computer Science and Mathematics, which mostly concerned…


Previous Next Tree Tree can be defined as a collection of entities (nodes) linked together to simulate a hierarchy. Some Terminology That Is Used In Tree NODE Each data item…

Time Complexity and Space Complexity

Time Complexity and Space Complexity Previous Next What is time complexity, space complexity, Asymptotic analysis, asymptotic notation, big O notation? Before reading (time complexity and space complexity) these topics in…

Previous Year Question (PYQ) For NTA UGC NET PAPER 1

PYQ Method of research
mcq on research aptitude
PYQ of Business Environment & International Business (1)
Teaching aptitude (Evaluation system) Previous Year Questions with answer


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