About Us

About Us

Our CEO Sumit Kumar has completed his masters in Big Data & Analytics and Managing Director, GaganDeep holds masters in Artificial Intelligence. Along with Amateur Teacher who holds expertise in Education, planned to create learning platform for UGC-NTA-NET aspirants and help students achieve success in much optimal manner. This led to the birth of our website in Feb. 2020. But the journey started much earlier. They felt the lack of proper guidance and proper leading content material for NTA-UGC-NET. According to GaganDeep, vast content is available on the web in-fact good contents but they are not optimised/structured for NTA-UGC-NET aspirants. Sumit found that even the students do hard work instead of smart work and waste time/energy in subjects which are less relevant from exam preparation points of view. Our Educator agreed to them as for as time management and online exam practice is concern.

Our Mission

To create India’s Best Platform cum Education infrastructure for NTA UGC NET preparation that serves for entire journey till Cracking NET-JRF.

Keeping our mission in mind. we are creating complete course content, guidance, and success path from zero level to the Nth level. We will become a leader in Education (UGC-NET preparation) by 2027.

We are starting with Paper I (applicable for all subjects), and Paper II (for Computer Science- 087) and plan to scale to entire subjects after we expertise ourselves in Paper I and Paper II (CS).
I forgot to mention that we are always ready to provide guidance and news related to UGC NET. We are ready to answer your query if you have any in your mind.

Our story

ntaugc.net is a multicultural team headquartered in Jaipur, India. We are a lean start-up that values making meaningful and easy-to-grasp content and overall support for aspirants of NTA-UGC NET/JRF exam. We shift things fast to give our aspirants what matters most to them, and to keep us ahead of the game. Our motto is “Smart work instead of hard work for grand success in short duration”.


We recently hired a CS faculty for creating high quality optimised content for us.
Keep checking this as we will be hiring all subject experts one by one

Our benefits include:
* Flexible work balance (work from home)
* One topic per week (less burden)
* Comparatively high pay and many more…

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