File operations

File operations in C++ | c++ Advanced | Part – 12

C++ allows us to perform operations on files. We can read contents of a file and even write some content in the file through a C++ program. Isn’t that awesome? To perform operations on files, C++ provides several built-in functions. These functions are all declared in fstream header file. To perform operations on file, the fstream and iostream header files should …

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Header files in C++

Header files in C++ | c++ Advanced | Part – 11

We brush our teeth every day. But do we make the toothpaste? Someone already made the toothpaste which we are directly using. Similar is the purpose of a header file. Header files are files containing functions, variables, data-type definitions and constants that can be used within the programs. We use a preprocessor directive #include to include header …

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What is inheritance

What is inheritance? | C++ Advanced | Part -4

Why do I look so similar to my father? My nose is also exactly like him. That’s because you have inherited his features. Inheritance is when a class derives some properties from another class. Just like human beings inherit features from their parents. The class which uses/inherits the properties is known as derived class or sub class. And the class from which the features …

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