DDL, DQL, DML, DCL and TCL Commands

DDL, DQL, DML, DCL, and TCL Commands

These SQL (Structured Query Language) commands are mainly categorized into four categories:  DDL – Data Definition Language DQl – Data Query Language DML – Data Manipulation Language DCL – Data Control Language   DDL (Data Definition Language) A database system provides a data-definition language (DDL) to specify the database schema List of DDL commands: • CREATE• …

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Data Structures And Algorithms Course Overview

Data Structures And Algorithms Overview

Data Structures and Algorithms GO TO COURSE NEXT Data structures and Algorithms (DSA) in Computer Science It is believed that data structures and algorithms are the basics of computer science. It is actual computer science. Any developer or CS student must write code that provides a required output. Algorithms are methods to implement certain tasks …

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File operations

File operations in C++ | c++ Advanced | Part – 12

C++ allows us to perform operations on files. We can read contents of a file and even write some content in the file through a C++ program. Isn’t that awesome? To perform operations on files, C++ provides several built-in functions. These functions are all declared in fstream header file. To perform operations on file, the fstream and iostream header files should …

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Header files in C++

Header files in C++ | c++ Advanced | Part – 11

We brush our teeth every day. But do we make the toothpaste? Someone already made the toothpaste which we are directly using. Similar is the purpose of a header file. Header files are files containing functions, variables, data-type definitions and constants that can be used within the programs. We use a preprocessor directive #include to include header …

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