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Benefits & Advantages of Clearing NTA UGC NET JRF

What are the Benefits of Clearing UGC NET Exam?

There are various possibilities you can get after clearing the UGC NET exam. Applicants who qualify for UGC NET become eligible for Assistant Professor or Junior Research Fellowship.

This post is intended for those who are planning for NTA UGC NET but also helpful if you have already cleared it or are trying for Jrf. In both the cases, the benefits of clearing the UGC NET JRF exam is going to be relevant to you.


There are ample of opportunities out there which you can take after clearing NTA UGC NET/JRF exam. Let me dig deeper into it.

Job Opportunities: Clearing the National Testing Agency’s UGC NET JRF opens up a wide range of job opportunities in various fields, such as academia, research, and government institutions.

Research Opportunities: The JRF holder is eligible to pursue research leading to a Ph.D. degree in Indian universities and colleges.

Higher Pay Scale: NET JRF holders are eligible for higher pay scale in teaching and research positions.

Improved Career Prospects: The UGC NET JRF certificate is considered as a valuable qualification, which improves the career prospects of the holder.

Recognition: The UGC NET JRF is recognized as a national level examination and passing it is a matter of prestige.

Eligibility for Lectureship: Clearing UGC NET JRF makes the candidate eligible for lectureship positions in colleges and universities.

Travel Fellowship: The JRF holder is eligible for a travel fellowship for presenting papers at international conferences.

Access to International Opportunities: Clearing the UGC NET JRF allows the holder to apply for research and teaching positions in foreign universities and colleges.

Financial Assistance: The JRF holder is eligible for financial assistance for research work under various schemes of UGC and other funding agencies.

Professional Development: Clearing the UGC NET JRF is considered as a mark of professional development and enhances the holder’s career growth.

  • Eligible for fellowship (given you have qualified JRF and take admission in college/university for full time)
  • Eligible to apply for Ph.D. (At some places NET/JRF candidates are exempted from the written exam)
  • For the first 2 years, the fellowship of Rs. 31000/- + HRA per month (depends on different institutes) and for the next 3 years, the fellowship of Rs 35000/- + HRA per month (depends on different institutes) is provided.
  • Get a chance to work in top labs.
  • Might get a promotion in your current job.
  • Opportunities in PSUs
  • Private coaching also hires subject experts and gives very good pay for NET/JRF qualified candidates.
  • You may also author a book and publish it.
  • People usually do a Ph.D. and create their own setup/join universities and make others do a Ph.D. under them.

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