University Education Commission

University Education Commission

The Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon, formed the ‘University Education Commission’ under the chairmanship of Sir Thomas Releigh in the year 1902, which was passed in 1904. On the basis of this act, government control over the university increased.

Some of the other commissions set up by Lord Curzon are: 

1. Formation of a famine scheme under the chairmanship of Sir Anthony McDonnell for the analysis of famine and drought conditions in the year 1899-1900.

2. In the year 1902, a ‘Police Commission’ was formed under the chairmanship of ‘Sir Andrew Fraser.

3. Establishment of a college in Quetta for training| military officers.

4. In order to make the landlord more liberal, ‘Land Proposal’ was brought by Lord Curzon on January 16, 1902.

5. In the year 1901, an ‘Irrigation Commission’ was formed under the chairmanship of ‘Sir Colin Scott Moncrieff.

6. In the year 1904, the ‘Co-operative Lending Society Act’ was introduced in which lending was arranged at a lower rate of interest.

7. In the year 1904, the Ancient Monuments Protection Act was passed. Archaeological Department of India was established for this work.

8. The biggest event happened in the year 1905 when Bengal was partitioned by them. As a result, he had to resign.

University Education Commission

Q. Who among the following, first took the initiative for appointing a University Education Commission during pre-independence period? 

(a) Lord Curzon

(b) Lord Ripon

(c) Lord Wellesley

(d) Lord Bentick

NTA UGC NET/JRF Dec 2019 (05/12/2019 Shift-I)

Ans : – (a) Lord Curzon

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