database management system

Database Management System (DBMS) | Overview | Syllabus | Book

What is a database?

A database system is basically just a computerized record-keeping system.

What is enterprise

An enterprise might be a single individual with a small personal database, or a complete corporation or similar large body with a large shared database, or anything in between. Here are some examples:

  • A manufacturing company
  • A bank
  • A hospital
  • A university
  • A government department

A variety of operations involving such files

√ adding new files to the database
√ inserting data into existing files
√ retrieving data from existing files
√ deleting data from existing files
√ changing data in existing files
√ removing existing files from the database

Benefits of the Database Approach

◊ The data can be shared
◊ Redundancy can be reduced
◊ Inconsistency can be avoided
◊ Transaction support can be provided
◊ Integrity can be maintained
◊ Security can be enforced
◊ Conflicting requirements can be balanced
◊ Standareds can be enforced


  • Database System Concepts and Architecture
    • Data Models, Schemas, and Instances
  • Three-Schema Architecture and Data Independence
  • Data Modelling
    • Entity-Relationship Diagram
  • Relational Model
    • Constraints
    • Languages
    • Design and Programming
  • Relational Database Schemas
  • Functional Dependencies and Normalization
  • SQL
    • Data Definition and Data Types
    • Constraints
    • Queries
    • Insert, Delete, and Update Statements
  • Transaction Process
  • Concurrency Control Techniques
  • Database Recovery Techniques

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