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Lajahoma was a part of


Lajahoma was a part of

  • Vajapeya sacrifice
  • Marriage ceremony
  • The Sannyasin’s duties
  • Panchamahayajna
  • Grihyasutras are ancient Hindu scriptures that provide guidelines for rituals and daily life in Hinduism.
  • They are based on the Vedas and provide instructions for performing rituals, observing festivals, and living a virtuous life.
  • According to Grihyasutras, Lajahoma is mentioned as an important part of a marriage ceremony
  • These sutras were written by sages and learned men in ancient India and were passed down through the generations.
  • They serve as a guide for Hindus to live a life that is in accordance with the principles of Hinduism and to attain spiritual enlightenment.
marriage ceremony

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