The Jaina Council At Valabhi

The Jaina council at Valabhi

The Jaina council at Valabhi was presided over by:

  • Nagarjuna
  • Kundakunda
  • Skandila
  • Bahubali

The Jaina Council is a governing body of the Jaina community in India, which follows the principles of the Jain religion. It is responsible for overseeing the spiritual and social welfare of the community, as well as promoting the teachings and values of Jainism. The council is made up of elected members from various Jain organizations and is headed by a president. It works to unite the Jain community and to ensure the preservation and promotion of the Jain faith.


Nagarjuna was a philosopher and theologian who is widely considered one of the most important figures in the history of Indian philosophy. He was born in the 2nd century CE and is known for his works on Madhyamaka, a school of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy. Nagarjuna is also credited with establishing the principles of the Madhyamaka school and is often referred to as the “second Buddha” by followers of this tradition. In addition to his philosophical contributions, Nagarjuna is also known for his influence on the development of Mahayana Buddhism in India and beyond.


Kundakunda was a Jain monk and philosopher who lived in the 2nd century AD in ancient India. He is known for his contributions to Jain philosophy, particularly his emphasis on the concept of non-attachment and his teachings on the nature of the soul. Kundakunda also wrote several important texts on Jainism, including the Samayasara, Pravacanasara, and Niyamasara. His works have been highly influential in the Jain tradition and have been widely studied and revered by Jain scholars and practitioners.

First Jaina Council:
• The First Jaina Council was held at Pataliputra around 300 BCE.
• It was presided by Sthulabhadra.
• Jainism was split into two factions at this council ie Svetambara and Digambara.
• The Jains classified Mahavira’s teachings into twelve Angas during this council.

Second Jaina Council:
• The Second Jaina Councils were held simultaneously at the same time at Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) and Vallabhi (Gujarat).
• The council at Mathura was presided by Skandila whereas the council at Vallabhi was presided by Nagarjuna.

Third Jaina Council:
• The Vallabhi council II is another name for the Third Jain Council.
• The monks of the Svetambara sect gathered this council in Vallabhi, presently in Gujarat.
• Devarddhigani Kshamashramana presided over this council.

Based on the above discussion, we can conclude that the Jaina Council at Valabhi was presided over by Nagarjuna.


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