Importance and Smart preparation of Teaching Aptitude for NTA-UGC NET

Importance of Teaching Aptitude for NTA-UGC NET and how to improve its preparation

This is the most important and scoring subject for the exam, which should never be ignored, but its upside is that many students ignore the subject whether they will read it in the last or very close to the exam.

This is that they are able to pay less attention to this subject and as a result the teaching aptitude, despite being so simple, students are not able to do good in it as much as they should.

Since the NTA started taking exams, the importance of Teaching Aptitude has increased. They ask more questions to Teaching Aptitude.

There are some points to consider when preparing for NTA UGC NET.

  • When you are preparing for NTA UGC NET, then give parallel weightage to all the subjects, not that you have read your favorite subject very much and have not even seen the other subject.
  • If you are preparing for all the subjects overall, then it gives you a different confidence in the exam hall.
  • Whenever you answer the question of Teaching Aptitude, think of putting yourself in that place. Because the main objective of this subject is that of NTA UGC NET how you think as a teacher and believe in how to create and maintain the atmosphere of the classroom.
  • Don’t give all your time to read theory …. theory………….again theory. You will have to go through some MOCK & Test series along with the questions from the past few years (PYQ). Then you will get to know what the pattern is in the exam and what type of questions will be asked.
  • Read the solutions of Solved Questions and then start solving questions again.

Let us understand how to solve the question of Teaching Aptitude with a brief explanation.

A teacher has very important in student life. In Reality, according to the situation, he/She has to change his role. Many times Teacher is a Leader, Friend, Parent, etc. Using a single word is difficult, but if we are asked to choose a role in the Net exam, then the leader is the correct option.

The most Important task of Teacher is the development of experience in students.

Teaching aids are objects or devices used by a teacher to make teaching better.

In Most cases, punishment is not a good option because by this, students may develop negative thoughts towards their Teacher, study, or school.

Prior experience of the student is highly related to the effectiveness of teaching. parents qualification, friend circle, and family size also affect education, but prior student experience is most effective.

Now we are going to discuss some important Questions

Q: Which of the following is more student-centric and more interactive?

  • A: Seminar
  • B: Workshop
  • C: Group Discussion
  • D: Lecture


Seminar: it is a gathering of people to discuss a specfic topic. in seminar there are 2-3 presenters who proceed discussion on desired path.

Workshop: In workshop a group of people meet together to improve their skill via intensive study,Research, practice and discussion.

Lecture: this is Teacher centric method used to give oral presentation about a particular topic. This is commonly used in class room.

Group Discussion: In most cases this is discussion b/w invited group of peoples in front of some selection team. Generally 6-8 peoples express their views on a particular topic. In this participants have time limits to understand and organize their thoughts. In this candidate can favor a topic or Unfavor a topic or may be follow neutral path. Because of no condition to speak group discussion is more interactive and student centric.

The answer to the above question is C.

Q: Teacher’s role in higher education is to?

  • A: Provide information to students
  • B: promote self-learning in students
  • C: Encourage healthy competition between students
  • D: Help students to solve their problems. 


Teachers in higher education mainly aim to develop their students’ way of thinking, acting, and approaching a field of study and practice.

In Effective Teaching, there is a two-way communication b/w student and Teacher.

The answer to the above question is B.

Q: Maximum participation of students during teaching is possible through

  • A: Demonstration method
  • B: Lecture Method
  • C: Inductive method
  • D: Testbook method


In Inductive Information flows from specific to General. First, we perform activities/Experiments. It mainly focused on Students and their capacities rather than Teachers.

Benefits of Inductive Method:

Students are trained to think and find solutions of problems.

This method encourages investigation.

This method develops logical thinking and creativity.

Lecture Method:

This is a oneway method of teaching where the Teacher attempts to explain facts, relations, and definitions to students.

In this Teacher is an active participant, and the students are passive participants.

Testbook Method:

In this method, the test book contains a detailed sequence of teaching procedures.

Demonstration Method: In this Teacher shows how to make or do something in step by step process.

From the above definition, we can conclude that maximum participation is achieved via an inductive method of teaching.

The answer to the above question is Inductive Method.

Q: which among the following is the essential characteristics of Teacher??

  • A: to motivate students for learning
  • B: to control class effectively
  • C: have command over the subject
  • D: to use different teaching methods


Qualities of Teacher:

Motivates students towards learning.

the Teacher aims to bring changes in student behavior aims to facilitate learning from every aspect.

have good knowledge of the subject and know how to transfer it to students.

have patience, good communication skill, a good listener tries to consider Individual differences.

Adaptable to changing environments.

factors that adversely affect to the academic performance of students

  • Inadequate preparation
  • poor study habits
  • personal prolbems
  • low intellegence
  • low expectations by a teacher
  • low self efficacy belief

Projects: A series of tasks that needed to completed in order to acheive a particular goal.

Seminar: it is advanced level of meeting used to discuss a specfic topic.( phd seminar)

Practical work: A range of activities aims to collect evidences, illustrate ideas, generate arguments and proofs.(practical in lab)

from the above infomation we can conclude that all three needed active participation of students and enhance students knowledge.

Teaching Methods

Impart information: teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change. it is more than absorbing facts, it is accuring understanding.

Ask students to read books: learning to ask questions throughout reading is an important reading stratergy because it teaches reader to think aloud. it helps reader review important points in the text, evaluate the quality of text, make connections and refine predictions.

Suggest good refernce material: instructional material includes any tool a teacher uses in classroom for faster learning. there are many kind of traditional resources but some of the most used ones are traditional resources, grapic organizers and Teacher made resources. traditional resouces include text books and work books.

Initiate a discussion and participate in it: discussion methods are  variety of forms for the open ended , collaborative exchange of ideas among a teacher and students or among students for the purpose of further students thinking, learning, problem solving , understanding or literacy apprecation.

using disscussion as a primary teaching method allows you to stimulate criticaol thinking.

 from the above we understand that teaching is more than imparting knowledge, asking students to read good books, and merely suggesting good reference material, therefore initate a discussion and particpate in it is one of best method of teaching.

All the characteristics enhance the teaching, but the correct option for this is to motivate students for learning.

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