Research Aptitude: Research Ethics (Paper I)

Research Aptitude: Research ethics (Paper I)

What is Research ethics ?

Wikipedia say, ” Research ethics is concerned with the moral issues that arise during or as a result of research activities, as well as the ethical conduct of researchers. “


  • To ensure conduction of research for the benefits of individuals, groups, and society as a whole.
  • To ensure protection of confidentiality.
  • To strengthen the process of informed consent.
  • To protect human participants
    and many more…


  • Voluntary participation- Participants in research should be voluntary. They are told and their informed consent is required.
  • No harm to the subjects- Research should not be harm (knowingly or unknowingly) to the participants.
  • Confidentiality of participants- Participants must be guaranteed their privacy, dignity, and confidentiality.

Why Do Ethics Matter?

  • To avoid research misconducts
  • To maintain research dignity
  • To ensure participants privacy, and confidentiality.
    and many more…

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  1. Shashikant S Kurodi

    This is a very useful and informative way of approach for the aspirants. It really makes one to go through instantly. It inspires the aspirants. Thank you NTA for such a wonderful approach to the exams. For the serious students this is the best platform and surely they can reach their goal.

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