Research Aptitude: Tools Of Research (Paper I)

Research Aptitude: Tools of Research (Paper I)

What is tools of research:

Any item/event used in conduction of research could be considered as tools. Let us check one by one.

Research Paper:

A research paper is a document or form of academic writing on a particular topic. It is basically based on analysis, interpretation, and research finding on a particular topic.

Places from where a research paper could be found:
and many more…


Small event conducted usually only a day or two and is dedicated to discussing a specific topic. It is more practical oriented/focused.
Generally hosted by a department of university or institution.


Generally hosted by a university or institution. Comparative to workshop, It’s audience size is bigger.

Q1. Can you tell the difference between workshop and Seminar?


Conferences tend to be the largest events vs. smaller workshops and seminars. People get opportunity to present. It is the most prestigious forms of events.

Q2. In which of the following activities, potential for nurturing creative and critical thinking is relatively greater?

(1) Preparing research summary

(2) Presenting a seminar paper

(3) Participation in research conference

(4) Participation in a workshop

Correct answer: (3) Participation in research conference


It is like conference but smaller comparative to it.
It focuses on presentation and lectures, less on practical demonstrations like in workshop.

Q3. Can you differentiate Conference, Seminar, Symposium and workshop?

Thesis writing:

It is a document written in support of obtaining an academic degree or qualification.
Usually it is much longer than research paper. May take a year to write/complete.

Tools in research is also an important topic from NTA UGC NET point of view.
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