Research Aptitude, Research, Objectives, And Characteristics

Research Aptitude, Research, Objectives, and Characteristics

What is Research Aptitude and Research?

It is an acquired or natural skill of an individual perform research. So we may think now, What exactly Research is?
Research is a creative and/or systematic study of something to get desired result like enhancement in knowledge, solution to real world problems.

Q1. Research is:
(a) Solving personal problems.
(b) Systematic effort to gain new knowledge.
(c) Solving any problems
(d) None of the above

Correct answer: (b) Systematic effort to gain new knowledge.

Objectives of Research:

–> To gain familiarity with happenings in nature.
–> Achieve new knowledge or insight.
–> To describe, unexplained phenomenas.
–> To verify and test important facts
–> To develop tools, techniques in order to simplify
and many more…

Characteristics of Research:

–> Objectivity– Free from bias.
–> Reliability– Should give similar result if done over time in same setting.
–> Accuracy– Truth and correctness of the statement
–> Validity– Could be verified by others.
and many more…

Q2. Which of the following is incorrect about research:
(a) It could be verified.
(b) Should give similar result if done over time in same setting.
(c) Free from biased.
(d) could be verified but may be biased.

Correct answer: (d) could be verified but may be biased.
option (d) is incorrect. Research could never be biased towards anything. It should always

Generally It is being observed that in NTA UGC NET, rarely they will be asking questions from topics like what is research, objectives, and characteristics. But It is good to know at least basics.

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