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What is Research, Research Method, Research Methodology and Research Aptitude

What is Research, Research Method, Research Methodology and Research Aptitude

what is Research


RE: Again, SEARCH: Examine Something Closely.

In a common word, we can say that RESEARCH means “Search For Knowledge”. Therefore, In research, we do not discover any new things, but rather change the way we look at those things in order to better use what is already there.

Definition:- Research is a very simple thing, It is a systematic and logical procedure in order to get the answer to certain questions.

Research is . . .

  • Research is a systematic activity.
  • The research adds to the existing knowledge.
  • Research should have critical thinking.
  • Helps solve practical problems and increases knowledge.

Objective:- The primary objective of research to find solutions for problems in a methodical and systematic way.

Every Research adds to knowledge but not every knowledge is a research

Q. The research is always –

      1. Verifying the old knowledge
      2. Exploring new knowledge
      3. Filling the gap between knowledge.
      4. All of thes

what is research method

All those methods or techniques that are used for the conduction of research is known as Research Methods.

For example: Suppose I brought a simple tool to analyze my data mean or someone used the median, here the mean and median is a research method.

What is the research methodology

Research Methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem.

For example: If it is said in simple languages, like the mean or median read above itself is a research method, but why is the mean or median used in this research, its scientific answer, or the logic behind them is called methodology.

What is research aptitude

In simple terms, Aptitude means “your knowledge”  so we can say that Research Aptitude refers as examine something closely by your knowledge

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