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Types of research

Types Of Research
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types of research

  1. Quantitative research – data is collected and analyzed using numerical methods, such as surveys, experiments, and statistical analysis.
  2. Qualitative research – data is collected and analyzed through observation, interviews, and other non-numerical methods, such as ethnography, case studies, and content analysis.
  3. Mixed-methods research – combines both quantitative and qualitative methods to gather and analyze data.
  4. Experimental research – a study in which one or more variables are manipulated and the effects on other variables are observed.
  5. Non-experimental research – a study in which variables are not manipulated and the effects of naturally occurring variables are observed.
  6. Descriptive research – a study that describes the characteristics of a population or a phenomenon.
  7. Correlational research – a study that examines the relationship between two or more variables without manipulating any of them.
  8. Longitudinal research – a study that follows a group of participants over a period of time to observe changes and trends.
  9. Cross-sectional research – a study that compares different groups or populations at a specific point in time.
  10. Basic research – research that aims to increase understanding of fundamental principles and concepts in a particular field.
  11. Applied research – research that aims to solve practical problems and improve the quality of life.

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